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An image has to make you remember in time what you felt at that moment...

So that you never forget that feeling, trust me and I will give you a story that will last forever.

My motto is giving value to things, not for what they are worth, but for theis meaning.

I was born in Barcelona on an ordinary day in any one year.

My mother was Aragonese and my father Catalan.

My childhood was similar to any other child.

I have many memories, always surrounded by photographs and films.

As you can see, I come from phtographer parents.

When I was 18, I entered at IEFC (Catalan School of Photography Studies), where I studied for three years and I matured professionally and personally.

I love practicing sports, travelling, having a mid-morning coffee, making new friends and enjoying myself with my old friends.

I'm totally in love with my family, there is no better place than being with them.

This is what your WEDDING DAY will be like

By immortalizing moments and writing in images your history, that little treasure will be brighter.

I will capture natural and true moments, such a looks and smiles that speak for themselves.

Nothing else is needed, but you.